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Friends in the Lake


When women share wisdom, they whisper

When Wise Women Whisper and the 8-Step-Transformation... what's it about?


(1)When (2)Wise (3)Women (4)Whisper

4 double you's (W) makes 8 YOU's.

8 different dimensions that, when combined, make up the women that is YOU. All 8 dimensions are an intrinsic part of who you are.


When you turn the 8 over 90 degrees, it becomes a lemniscate, the symbol of Infinity: 


By acknowledging what is behind you and what is in front of you, you can see that the person that is YOU is not restricted to this here and now. You go back in history and you stretch out into the future, as an infinite feminine power or energy.

'When Wise Women Whisper' gives you an 8 steps online program to become more YOU.

8 steps which create an infinite version of YOU, through your own wisdom.

Rock Maze

No need to start with step 1. You can start where you want.

No need to do all the steps. You can do whatever steps you want.

Although the steps from 1 to 8 are successive pieces of the whole construct that is presented for your personal development, you can intuitively feel where your right starting place is. The reality is, that even if you have done all the steps, you will come back to certain steps when the time is right. Life is a spiral! The same steps, but a deeper level of understanding.

There are 2 different types of ‘understanding’

  • Understanding with the mind: the mental level

  • Understanding with the heart: the emotional level


Understanding with your mind means you look at the knowledge from a distance. Analyzing and overthinking what is presented.

Understanding with your heart means you can hold the knowledge close to your heart. Literally grasp it and hold it close to you.


For example:

A parent is abusive towards his or her child.

You can understand with your mind how this can happen: certain psychological traits of the parent and/or substance abuse, which originated from a traumatic childhood or experience.

But no matter how hard you try, you cannot understand this with your heart.


'When Wise Women Whisper' gives 8 steps to become more YOU.

8 steps which create understanding of the woman that is YOU, through your own heart.

Woman at Work
Our Mission

We women have a tendency to take care of others first and to put ourselves on the second, third, fourth, … place. There is an immense need to place ourselves first.

You have your home to take care of, your (most likely full-time) job you need to do, your partner or other forms of relationships you care for, your children to take care of, etc.
But you also need to take care of yourself.

There’s this story of a woman who was capable of reaching into the river and fill cups with water for the thirsty people of her tribe. So she needed to quench her thirst first. Because if she died of thirst, she no longer could give water to her tribe, and they too would parish.

In gathering knowledge to help and take care of your situation and those closest to you, it acquires you to gather knowledge about yourself first.


'When Wise Women Whisper' gives 8 steps to become more YOU.

8 steps that place the focus on YOU first

From Step 1 all the way to Step 8 we fixate the strengths we found in our past, into the future by sharing and lifting each other up.
And by passing on these strengths to our children, we ignite a fractal expansion of wisdom into this world.

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More comfortable reading off-line or on paper? Get your free copy of our printable 8-Step-Transformation e-book in your mailbox:

Holding Hands

We are here for you!

You are not alone in this!


If you need a helping hand: Check out our services. 

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