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Female Leadership according to Brené Brown

Brené Brown is a researcher, author and speaker on vulnerability, shame and leadership.

Women leaders create a sense of connection and inclusion

Her work focuses on developing leadership that includes empathy, connection and courage. According to Brown, these traits are crucial for successful female leadership. Here are some principles of female leadership according to Brené Brown:

  1. Showing empathy: Female leaders show empathy for others and their emotions. They try to empathise with others' situations and are sensitive to their perspectives and needs. This helps build trust and a sense of community.

  2. Connecting: Women leaders create a sense of connection and inclusion. They encourage open communication and collaboration, and strive to create a culture where everyone feels heard and valued.

  3. Showing vulnerability: Female leaders show vulnerability and admit when they make mistakes. This makes it easier for others to make themselves vulnerable and can lead to more openness and honesty within the organisation.

  4. Being brave: Female leaders are courageous and dare to take risks. They have a strong vision and are determined to achieve it. At the same time, they are willing to listen to feedback and adapt when necessary.

Empathy is the ability to understand and sense the feelings and emotions of others. It goes beyond just understanding what someone says or does, it means being able to put yourself in another person's situation and feelings.

Empathy includes the ability to listen and observe, and to understand how someone feels without judgement or criticism. It requires an open and curious mind, and a willingness to really listen to the needs and perspectives of others.

Empathy is an important skill in relationships and communication, and can help build trust, understanding and connection with others. It can also help resolve conflicts and prevent misunderstandings and disagreements. It is an important leadership trait because it enables leaders to put themselves in the position of their employees and customers, and help them achieve their goals and solve problems.

According to Brené Brown, female leadership can be summed up as "leading with the heart" and it encompasses traits such as empathy, connection, vulnerability and courage. These principles can help build a culture of trust and collaboration, which in turn can lead to greater success and fulfilment for individuals and organisations.



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