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Remember your roots to withstand the storms of live

The resilience we have when a storm hits our live is built up by the generations of women who came before us.

You have 7 generations of women (mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers and beyond) standing behind you to support you and strengthen you. Remember your mother and (great-)grandmothers: Where did they live? What was the climate in which they grew up? Who were they? What were their strengths? What can you use for your personal empowerment and development?

Did you know you were inside your grandmothers womb? A women is born with all her egg cells inside her. When your grandmother was pregnant of your mother, inside your mother the egg cell that eventually became you, was already present. Living conditions, emotional states and psychological challenges that had an effect on your grandmother, have an effect on you.

And yes, trauma can be passed down from generation to generation, but so can healing. More about passed-down trauma  and how to change it in Step 4.

Remember: When you know where you came from, you know where you’re going.

When you start to get to know more about your roots, you broaden and deepen the knowledge about yourself, just as roots do when they grow to strengthen the upper part of the tree, that day in and day out stands tall in all kinds of weather. Your roots grow wider and deeper.

You can do this exercise:

Make a list of the 7 generations of women who came before you. No need to have names and all that, just a representation of the person is enough when you don't have more information. If possible: Try to talk to your mother, talk to your grandmother. Try to gather information: country of origin, what they did to make a living, etc. Focus on strengths. 

When there is no physical person you can talk to, try to find a peaceful place and sit down. Focus on your breathing and heart beat first. Hold the last person you know (mother, grandmother, great-grandmother) in your thoughts. Then stretch your awareness backwards in time and wait a moment until you sense an awareness of another person / other persons, as if they are standing in line at the grocery store. Try to make contact with at least one of them in your mind, ask them who they are, where they lived, what their strengths are.


All this knowledge is a part of you! Feel the strength it brings you. Use it to your advantage the next time a storm sweeps through your live.


Thank your mother or one of your (great-)grandmothers you encountered and send them love. If you don’t know how to send love, sending love can go like this: Feel gratitude inside your heart, let it grow a bit, feel how it cumulates... then picture in your mind how this gratitude, or love, flows over to the other person.

You can do this for all 7 generations behind you, and you can also send love to whomever you want, as long as it is without attachment. This means that you send love without wanting something in return, without wanting something to happen, without wanting to ‘pull some strings’. We as a person can’t know what the bigger plan is for someone, so we cannot interfere. We can only wish that they receive this love and get inspired to do what is best for them on a physical, emotional, mental and energetic level.

Don't go to fast. Let this information sink in for a few days, weeks or months.

And when you feel you're ready, go to 

Holding Hands

We are here for you!

You are not alone in this!


If you need a helping hand: Check out our services. 

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