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Integrate opposites


We, as humans, are full of opposites. From one moment to another, and also within 1 moment we are an expression of opposites. When we know who we are, what we stand for and what drives our gut feeling of what’s right and what’s wrong to us, then we can be a fully integrated person: an integration of those opposites within one person. And we can activate our creative center, deep down in our belly, to be the creator of our life. This is so, for both women and men, whether you have a uterus or not. In life our real strength comes from living from our belly, our gut, and not our head or our mind.

Especially in the west, we learn early on that thinking is our greatest good. “Je pense, donc je suis” (I think, therefor I am) is what René Descarte said. As a French philosopher and mathematician, born in 1596, he made his mark on what we perceive as our greatest achievement: thinking. And I purposely say ‘we perceive as’, because it is not our greatest achievement. In fact, it causes some problems… We come back to this in Step 7.

We create a magneto-electric field around us. Even if you’re not really into a kind of ‘airy-fairy-new-age-energy-thing”, it is scientifically proven that humans have an energy field that surrounds them.

Just bear with me for a moment😊. 









When we have an overcharge (stress, sadness, anger, etc.) it is very important that we can discharge.


So, when you have this energy field and you are constantly thinking and over-thinking, your focus point is in your head. This means your circle of energy has its center in your head and the bottom of your circle is not touching the ground.

When we lower our focus point, way down inside our belly, the energetic circle reached inside the ground on the lowest part of the circle. And that is important. An electrical circuit of a house also reaches into the ground and this has a reason: when there is an overcharge in electricity (energy) it needs an outlet before everything overloads. Our magneto-electric field also needs an outlet.

energie rond hoofd.heic
energie rond buik.heic

Let me show you a way to bring your focus point into your belly region and start your journey to who you are in all your opposites:

Take an imaginary pill:

Imagine a pill, resting at the back of your tongue. Take a moment to imagine this.

Then swallow it. Yes, take it. Feel how it descends, down your esophagus into your stomach. Let it sink further... and let it arrive in the lower part of your belly. Let it arrive there where your womb is. And don’t worry, if you no longer/don’t have a womb, the sacred place is always there. Let the pill rest there.

Now your focus point is no longer in your head but in your belly, and your energy can discharge.

Some people don’t get the pill to lower down. It gets stuck halfway the throat and the stomach. When this happens you can ask yourself: why does this happen? Why can’t I get my focus point lower than that? You can reach out with you awareness to the pill that is stuck, and you start to feel: How does it feel there? Do you feel the reason why the pill is stuck? What is down there that you are desperately trying to avoid? Don’t run away, but stay with it, this will learn you a lot about yourself. And don’t forget: you are stronger then you think, with your pure will you can demand the pill to lower down. But be gentle to yourself 😊

When the pill is deep down in your belly, I have another question for you: How does it feel there in your belly, your womb? Does it feel warm, empty, uncomfortable, or… ? Notice how it feels down there. Stay there with your focus and let it teach you. Let it teach you everything you need to know about yourself, like why you are holding back, or why you struggle, etc. Let it teach you who you are from deep inside yourself, from deep within the warm and soft darkness. Claim everything that is part of you, darkness and light, your ‘good’ side and your ‘bad’, however you want to call it… all your seemingly opposite traits. Claim and integrate them. Because they are you, in all your strength and feminine glory.

Your focus point should always be your belly, not your head. The circle of energy that surrounds you should be connected with the earth. Like the electrical grid, also you need grounding as a failsafe when there‘s an overload.



The power of the menstrual cycle

In our menstrual cycle lies a big part of our dark, soft and rich feminine power. Where is the time that the start of a girls menstrual cycle was celebrated? Coming to terms with all the bias around the menstrual cycle means looking it right in the eyes and clearing the negative energy that surrounds it.

Some women find great comfort in connecting to the moon when it’s full. It is said that the moon aligns the cycles of your live with the phases of the moon. Not only your menstrual cycles, but also greater cycles, like yearly seasonal cycles and live phases like childhood, childbearing years, elderly years, etc. Like the lunar phases, also we have our new moon, our first quarter, our full moon, and our final quarter.

Women who live closely together will have their menstrual cycles aligned, they bleed simultaneously. In a natural environment women will bleed in the dark of the moon (new moon).

What are we taught about our menstruation? That it’s dirty, bad, something we hide and to be embarrassed about? How can we honor our feminine power when that is what we believe?  Do we honor ourselves with essential introspection, rejuvenation and days of rest when we bleed? We sure need it.

In the old Christian tradition women who were menstruating were not allowed inside the church. You know why? Because a menstruating woman can more easily see through the ‘veil’, and the pastor would no longer be the only one connected to the spiritual knowledge when holding the mass service. The veil between the human form and the great mysteries is thinnest in a bleeding woman. Also, a menstruating woman could more easily see through the doctrine of a religion. 

We have to start honoring our womb, our cycle, our circle and ourselves. A women’s power is nurturing and renewing life. We women have the power to bring life. We are a portal and through us new life manifestations arise.

In the dark of the moon, we go into the depth, we create from within the no-thing-ness.

The no-thing-ness is not 'nothing', it is 'no thing'. It is the unmanifested form of everything. Everything is present, everything is possible, but it is not manifested yet. It is the womb, a dark empty space from where life can start, from where creating takes place. Al you need is patience and insight. When you are in your bleeding time, make contact inwardly with this empty space, and see what it is you want to create or manifest. The 'imaginary pill' exercise is a good tool to do this.


Everything is possible, you only have to choose.

Make this transformation happen!

Knowledge stays knowledge when it’s not integrated. Everything you learn has to lead to action to make the transformation happen:

Make yourself remember the most important things you learned, write it down, take notes. Invest that time and energy in yourself.

Make it a part of you, not only mental, but also physical. Use your mind, your emotion, your voice and your body (remember ‘the analogy of the horse, the carriage, the driver… and the master’ in Step 3). Think about what you learned, feel this new knowledge in your gut, speak it out loud and add move your body while you’re doing this, with complete intention, dedication and focus.


Don’t make it only an affirmation. Your mind will step in and that little voice in the back of your head will say: don’t kid yourself, you know it’s not true, … (you know, we all have such little voice)


So overthrow that voice with everything you’ve got!

Don't go to fast. Let this information sink in for a few days, weeks or months.

And when you feel you're ready, go to 

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We are here for you!

You are not alone in this!


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