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Everyone carries different archetypes deep within them. These archetypes can provide valuable guidance and wisdom during various situations in our lives. Here we explore four powerful feminine archetypes: the Mother, the Priestess, the Queen and the Wise Woman. By connecting with these archetypes, we can tap into their unique strengths and perspectives to seek advice and support.


On our journey of self-discovery, it is crucial to recognize the multifaceted nature of our being. Each archetype represents a distinct aspect of our personality and embodies their specific qualities and traits. By embracing these archetypes, we gain access to a rich source of knowledge and insight that lies within us. 



The Mother is a safe space. Her presence is comforting and reassuring, making those around her feel at ease. She helps people feel seen, heard and valued.


With her compassionate nature, she has a gift for understanding others and making them feel truly acknowledged. She is a natural giver and nurturer. Her instinct is to care for and support those in her life, often putting their needs before her own.


However, she may feel anxious because she constantly worry about how others feel and what they think. This concern for the well-being and opinions of others can sometimes weigh heavily on her, causing unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Mother archetype
Priestess archetype



The Priestess is a space holder for magic and alchemy. She possesses a deep understanding of the mysteries of the universe and has the ability to tap into its transformative power.


She is a channel for spirit to bring transformation to this planet. Through her connection to the divine, she serves as a vessel for spiritual guidance and change. The key lies in connecting the physical with the metaphysical, earth with spirit. By bridging these two realms, she is able to bring spiritual insights and wisdom into practical application in the physical world.


Those who exist solely in the spiritual realm without grounding may find it challenging to manifest abundance and fully engage with the world around them.



The Queen is a powerhouse. With her natural leadership abilities and commanding presence, she has the potential to inspire and influence others on a grand scale. She makes a big impact and can change the world, whether within a local community or on a global scale.


Her vision and determination can bring about significant transformation and progress. The more she interacts with other women, the more balanced she becomes. Through the support and camaraderie of her female peers, she is able to cultivate a more well-rounded and harmonious approach to her power and influence.


Being in contact with others helps her to become softer, to feel the full range of emotions. This connection and vulnerability allow her to tap into her emotional depth and intuition, bringing greater heart and compassion to her leadership. This allows her to bring more magic and transformation. With her balanced power and open heart, she is able to create meaningful and lasting change in the world.

Close-up mode portret
Vrouw die in tuin werkt

Wise Woman


The Wise Woman is a keeper of wisdom. She possesses a deep understanding and knowledge that transcends time and experience, holding the secrets of the ages within her.


She can bring forth the ancient knowing within herself to support the evolution of this planet and its people. Through her guidance and teachings, she helps others navigate their paths and find their way forward.


To be happy she must have her own space where she is free to share her valuable insights and information, to share her gifts without restrictions. In an environment where she can express herself authentically and without judgment, she is able to fully embody her wisdom and contribute her gifts to the world.

Wisdom of the Archetypes

Connect with the powerful female archetypes and unlock their wisdom.

Are you running into something or have an issue in your life about which you want to consult the archetypes?
Then request this free exercise to learn to connect with each of the 4 archetypes.

During the exercise we dive into the depths of our subconscious and invite the Mother, the Priestess, the Queen and the Wise Woman to share their wisdom with us. By connecting with these feminine archetypes, we create space for transformation, growth and empowerment. 


Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, introduced the concept of archetypes as part of his theory of the collective unconscious. According to Jung, archetypes are universal symbols and images that appear across cultures and time, residing in the shared unconscious of all humans.

They represent fundamental human motifs and experiences, such as the Mother, Father, Child, Trickster, and Hero. Jung believed that by engaging with these archetypes in our dreams, art, and stories, we can tap into their collective wisdom and symbolism. This can provide insights into our individual psyche and facilitate personal growth and integration. By understanding and embodying the various archetypes present within us, we can access their strengths and work through their shadows, leading to a more whole and balanced self. Jung's archetype theory offers a powerful framework for self-exploration and depth psychology.

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