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Welcome beautiful woman!


Welcome to 'When Wise Women Whisper'.

You know that feeling that something is wrong, but you can't place your finger on it? 

That your life just can't seem to get in the right direction?

That's what I experienced as well… and it confused me. I didn't have the right knowledge to understand what was going wrong. And as a result of that, I couldn’t do anything to enable a better situation for myself and my children.

Let me rephrase that:

Without the ability to picture something on a mental level, you cannot grasp it on an emotional level. And as a result, you can’t make the necessary changes on an energetic level to create a stronger version of yourself and thus, a better outcome. 

When Wise Women Whisper helps empathic and high sensitive women to find their wisdom, regain their strength, show them where their power and vigor is, how to use their voice for their own benefit and make them THRIVE.

Not sure if you are an empathic or high sensitie women? Take our quiz!

We are always just 1 decision away from changing our lives. If you are reading this right now and you feel the connection, you know there is a better life for you, or you wouldn’t be here. Make today the day you take action to become the woman you want to be. 1 year from now, you will thank yourself for starting today.

'When Wise Women Whisper', what wisdom would they want to share?

Have a great journey,



Waterside Women

When Women share Wisdom, they Whisper


Because there’s no need to shout. Talking louder does not make you more right.

For wisdom, a whisper is enough.

When Wise Women Whisper - Spotify Playlist

From the extensive playlists I've gathered over the years, I selected some songs that feel like Wise Women who Whisper or Women who Whisper while you get Wiser.

You may not like all the music in this playlist. Let yourself be surprised by some and keep the ones you like 😊

Listening to Music

When Wise Women Whisper

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