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I am Leaf.
My birthplace is Belgium, located within the western part of Europa. 
My religion is the Earth and her Women.

I am a family therapist, a Pre-and Peri-Natal Psychology Educator and specialised in  trauma and its healing.
Founder and CEO of the Wise World Foundation and creator of When Wise Women Whisper.

Who am I?

Greetings from the heart of Belgium! I go by the name Leaf, and let me tell you, my world revolves around the incredible tapestry of women and their stories, and the fascinating journey of understanding, supporting, and empowering women in every aspect of life.

Armed with a degree in family psychology, I'm also a pre- and perinatal psychology educator, delving into the magic that happens before and during those precious moments of bringing new life into the world. I'm on a quest for knowledge in the realm of trauma and its healing, determined to make a positive impact on lives through education and understanding.

My life story:

I came into this world in the heart of rural Belgium (Flanders) in 1977, in a quaint little town where knowing everyone was just a way of life. Even as a wee child, I felt a profound connection to a force I could only describe as 'god' at the time, simply because there wasn't another word that quite captured it. My early education in an all-girls Catholic school, overseen by nuns, left me with a limited concept of spirituality, but that would soon change.

At the age of 15, the world of mysticism opened up to me through the books my mother had left by her bedside—explorations into reincarnation, pyramids, macrobiotic cooking, and more. As my twenties unfolded, a fascination with incense, crystals, tarot cards, and all things spiritual took root within me.

The pivotal year of 2012 marked a profound transformation. I navigated the challenging waters of divorce, and unfortunately, deceitful actions by my narcissistic ex-partner led to the loss of custody of my children. It was a dark period, a rock-bottom experience that demanded resilience. Determined to rebuild my life from scratch, I faced self-doubt, anxiety, and emotional exhaustion head-on. Through relentless effort and unwavering love for my children, I emerged triumphant, providing them with the mother they deserved.

By 2014, I owned my own new age store and embarked on a coaching practice. Taking a unique approach to Osho tarot cards, I discovered a way to guide people on their evolutionary paths, helping them navigate obstacles and ascend to their next level of growth.

Years of coaching revealed that while everyone has a unique life story, the fundamental challenges are universal. In 2019, I penned the 8 steps of my program, 'Vigorously Balanced.' This program is a roadmap, guiding individuals to establish vigor, balance, and a fulfilling life.

In the spring of 2021, the Wise World Foundation and When Wise Women Whisper were born, unveiling the Vigorously Balanced Program and much more. This program delves into 8 dimensions, providing a holistic view of a woman's identity. It's a transformative journey from feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and exhausted to thriving on one's own terms.

Building on this foundation, I introduced a course on Energetic Chakra Psychology in 2022. Exploring the seven chakras, psychology, essential oils, and crystals, this course unravels the layers within ourselves, paving the way for expanded consciousness.

In 2023, the Women's Moon Lodges emerged, fusing the power of women's circles, self-reflection, and essential information for personal growth and empowerment. Delving into critical topics for personal development, we equip participants with tools to attain better balance and an invigorated life.


As we step into 2024, the Moon Lodges transcend borders, online programs reach multiple languages, and the blogs and website information resonate with visitors worldwide. The Wise World Foundation's mission is being fulfilled: establishing psycho-social well-being for all, with a special focus on women, in communities worldwide.


Therapeutic Transformation Teacher
Pre- and Perinatal Educator
Coaching & Consulting

We are always only 1 decision away from changing our lives.
If you are reading this right now and you feel the connection, then you know there is a better life for you, otherwise you wouldn't be here.

Make today the day you take action to become the woman you want to be.
A year from now, you will thank yourself for starting today.
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