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Moon Lodge

Transformative workshops that bring together the power of women's circles, self-reflection, and vital information for personal growth and empowerment.

When Wise Women Whisper (Wise World Stichting) and VERO (Vrouwelijke Educatie Ruimte voor Ontwikkeling) have joined forces. The result is a series of workshops: Moon Lodges.

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Moon Lodges are a series of transformative workshops that bring together the power of women's circles, self-reflection, and vital information for personal growth and empowerment. In these workshops, we delve into important topics that are crucial for your personal development and equip you with tools to attain a better balance and invigorated life.

Throughout these workshops, we delve into a wide range of important topics that are pivotal for personal growth and empowerment. From cultivating self-love and setting boundaries to enhancing intuition and navigating life transitions, our expert facilitators will guide you in a compassionate and empowering manner. We firmly believe in empowering women with knowledge and information that can help them thrive in their personal and professional lives.

In addition to the transformative discussions, we provide you with practical tools and resources to achieve greater balance and vigor. Whether it's mindfulness practices to cultivate inner peace, stress management techniques to handle life's challenges, or strategies for fostering healthy relationships, our workshops equip you with valuable tools that can be implemented immediately.

Our workshops embraces the inclusive and nurturing environment of women's circles. By fostering a strong sense of sisterhood and support, we create a safe space for self-reflection and growth. Through interactive sessions and group discussions, we encourage you to explore your authentic self, celebrate your achievements, and embrace your unique journey.

Join us for this enlightening workshop where you'll connect with like-minded women, deepen your self-awareness, and gain the necessary tools for personal growth and empowerment. Together, let's embark on a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and forging a path towards balance and vigor.

What's included for you:

2 transformative workshops per Moon Lodge

A crystal specific for each Moon Lodge

Practical tools and resources

Guidance from expert facilitators

A safe space for self-reflection and growth 

An opportunity to connect with like-minded women

Writing material

Coffee, thee, water and cookies 😊 

Meet The Team



(Lieve Janssens)

Founder & CEO
Wise World Foundation
When Wise Women Whisper
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(Véronique De Ridder)

Founder & CEO
VERO Praktijk
Vrouwelijke Educatieve Ruimte voor Ontwikkeling

Moon Lodges 2024

Waxing Moon & Spring Equinox

March 2024


Life Path Illuminated: Initiation Processes with the Healing Power of the Great Mother.
Initiation processes are the profound thresholds we all cross on our life journey. They are the crucial transitional moments in which we rediscover, grow and transform ourselves. From birth to death, from love to loss, these rituals of life mark us as spiritual beings on an endless quest for understanding and wisdom.

The phase of the waxing moon and the spring equinox are indeal moments to celebrate moments of transition. The waxing moon represents growth and new beginnings, and we can harness this energy to embrace transitions and enter new phases of our lives with confidence. Similarly, the spring equinox symbolizes renewal and rebirth, in line with the transformative nature of transitional moments.

Thus, the cyclical nature of both the waxing moon and spring equinox establishes a connection between the rhythms of nature and human existence. Welcome to the profound journey of initiation.

"The promise of new beginnings"

Awakening to our Addiction to the Patriachal System.
Just as the waxing moon and spring equinox symbolize rebirth and a new beginning, so too do we wake up and gain insight into the laws of this age and the system we live in. We dive deep into the dynamics of our times and explore why it is so crucial to gain insight into these complex structures.

We take a critical look at the patriarchal system. What holds us captive, where are blind spots? What role do we play in perpetuating it, and where might we be missing the nuances? Together we explore the consequences of our addiction to this system at the micro, macro and meso levels. We also explore the opposing force (feminine) that can help restore balance.

Why is it essential for women to engage in this exploration, both individually and together? Let's join forces. Together we have the power to restore balance and create a better future.

"We are the ones we have been waiting for"

waxing moon2.jpg
Full Moon & Summer Solstice

June 2024


Cycle mapping: find your 'Super Power Moment'
The menstrual cycle is closely linked to natural rhythms such as the phases of the moon and the position of the sun. Ovulation, which represents the peak of female fertility, corresponds to the energy of the full moon, while the abundance and vitality during the summer solstice symbolizes increased fertility. Just as the earth reaches its energy peak during this period, so do we women during our cycle. 

As we unravel our menstrual cycle, we unlock the doors to a deeper understanding of ourselves. In this carefully preserved knowledge of our inner cycles, we discover a hidden "Super Power Moment," a moment when our energy is at its peak and we are ready to conquer the world. This is our secret weapon, our personal key to better health and success. It is the power of our own nature waiting to be discovered and embraced.

Radiate, Connect & Self Love - Women's Circle
Today we will reflect on the fundamentals of a Women's Circle and actively practice and integrate. We harness the energy of the full moon phase and the summer solstice to create deep connections, foster growth and strengthen the power of feminine communities.

Our goal is to convey the profound meaning of these circles in both words and feelings and why they are invaluable to our feminine health. We will also explore how these circles systemically impact our environment, family and broader society.

We want to encourage women to create their own personal Women's Circle surrounded by the women in their immediate environment. In doing so, women will learn how to feel themselves deeply in connection with other women. This deep connection allows them to explore their inner selves on a deeper level. It allows them to discover what is really true for them, in this particular moment.

Sometimes it can be surprising to realize that things we thought were true and have influenced our lives are actually not in alignment with our heart or our feminine essence. Initiating this awareness is the start of a powerful process of purification, on the way to authenticity and truth. It is an exciting journey to discover who you really are.

Full moon1.png

Our Clients

Waning moon & Autumn Equinox

September 2024


Pre- and Perinatal Imprints & the Effect on our Further Life
The waning moon phase and the autumnal equinox are related to pre- and perinatal imprints and developmental stages of the unborn baby. The waning moon represents letting go and introspection and reflects the physiological changes in the mother and fetus during pregnancy.

The autumnal equinox symbolizes balance and transition, marking the baby's growth stages and the shift from dependence on the mother to independence. This knowledge helps understand the bond between mother and child and helps parents connect with their children during pregnancy and beyond.

In addition, the waning moon phase and autumnal equinox remind us that it is essential to let go of old impressions and patterns and reap the fruits of our inner growth. This is an opportunity to become aware of how pre- and perinatal impressions affect our afterlife and to take the necessary steps for personal transformation and balance.

Self Reflection & Feeling Through Our Emotions
Today is all about powerfully feeling through what we are allowed to let go of. We will go on an engaging journey of discovery using a variety of methods, including astral travel, personal reflection assignments, one-on-one exercises and the importance of grounding. We invite supporting forces to guide us in letting go of what no longer serves us.

During this special day, we will learn how to clear an energetic space and create the ideal conditions for processing and transformation. It is an opportunity to deeply understand and experience how letting go of the old gives us space for growth and renewal. Join us and set yourself free!

New Moon & Winter Solstice

November - December 2024


Exploring the intergenerational forces from our maternal lineage: A fascinating journey 
The new moon phase and the winter solstice are both symbolic moments associated with renewal, transformation and rebirth. In many spiritual and natural traditions, these moments are celebrated and used as occasions to set intentions, look at what is and decide what we no longer want to carry and what we do want to carry. What old patterns we want to let go of and what strengths we want to harness.

Exploring intergenerational forces from the maternal lineage is a profound journey that provides insight into the ancestral wisdom and lineage that has been passed down through the generations. By diving into our ancestry and exploring the traits, beliefs and experiences that have been passed down through generations, we gain a deeper understanding of who we are and why we behave the way we do. This process not only allows us to embrace the positive aspects of our heritage, but also empowers us to break free from negative patterns or limitations we may have inherited. 

Through this inquiry, we can consciously choose which intergenerational forces we want to strengthen and use to create a better future for ourselves and the generations to come. It is the ultimate act of empowerment and self-actualization when we consciously shape our own stories while honoring the richness and complexity of our roots.

Installing New Culture: A Dive into the Forgotten Knowing of Female Culture
Today we will reconnect with our "forgotten knowing" and dig into the memory of female culture. We will explore how we can apply this to our daily lives. The importance of this endeavor lies in the fact that it provides us with valuable tools to navigate through the current times. By embracing the wisdom and experiences of women throughout history, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. This process allows us to tap into a vast reservoir of knowledge, insight and perspective that is often overlooked or undervalued.

By reconnecting with our "forgotten knowing," we discover a wealth of wisdom that can guide us toward a more balanced and harmonious existence. By integrating these insights into our daily lives, we can foster a greater sense of empathy, compassion and equality. Moreover, by embracing feminine values and perspectives, we challenge existing norms and create space for new possibilities and alternative ways of being. 

In a time marked by rapid change, uncertainty and challenges, the wisdom of feminine culture serves as a guide, offering us comfort, inspiration and resilience. As we embark on this journey of rediscovering and honoring the "forgotten knowing," we invite profound transformation on both a personal and collective level. Through reflection, education and action, we can build a world that honors and celebrates the diverse contributions of women, and in doing so, we cultivate a more just, compassionate and inclusive society for all. A new culture.

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