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I am Véronique. 

My place of birth is Belgium with Lebanese and Italian roots. 
My belief is that God or the higher is present in everything and everyone."A quantum zero point" of infinite possibilities.

I am a systemic therapist specializing in (sexual) trauma and its processing. Trained in the Magic of Feminine Sexuality and Feminine Health.

Founder and CEO of VERO / VREI, The Female Educational Space for Development, Evolution and Innovation. 

Founder of the revolutionary online community for women worldwide, Women of the world's net (Will be launched March 2024)

My Story

Hello, my name is Veronique de Ridder.

I have been spiritually passionate for as long as I can remember, since a very young age. I have always had knowledge of spiritual laws and gifts such as palm reading and channeling.


In 2017, I had a turning point where I discovered deeper feminine work, especially womb work. From then on, I felt I had found my mission. I did extensive trauma work and learned from Sifra Nooter, an amazing Teacher.


Since then my magical journey has begun and through a deep connection with my womb I have established a direct connection with Mother Earth. She communicates messages to me about emerging things and my ultimate mission became to contribute to the balance between the feminine and masculine energies on Earth. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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