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Vigorously Balanced (English program)

  • 365Days
  • 26Steps


This course is designed to help women find their inner strength and reach their full potential. Both in their personal and professional lives. The process focuses on developing a conscious and empowering attitude towards life, letting go of old limiting beliefs and embracing positive change. The 8 steps of this course together form a methodology that can be applied both on a personal level and in professional settings. You learn to support yourself and others in a process of awareness. Course duration: 17 weeks Own investment of time: 3h/week No prior knowledge required. Relevant psychological and scientific rationale for each topic. Topics: - Finding and using your own strengths - Setting realistic goals and action plan - Reflecting on own actions and turning pitfalls into strengths - Developing communication skills and learning to set limits - Self-care and pro-actively dealing with stress

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