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Don't just take our word for it. These women have seen real results.

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How would you rate our services? Excellent
Describe your experience:

The reading did give me clarity on why I am such a nervous wreck, so am very happy with it.


How would you rate our services? Very good
Describe your experience:

I found it a very interesting experience to ‘see’ how I came into the world and what life lesson is there for me.
Now I have to try to implement it so that I get better balance.


Thank you so much for the special reading and sending the photos.

after receiving a Birth Imprints session

I had the card reading this afternoon. Wow wow wow, incredibly touching and also something I didn't know, but felt somewhere, just no idea why.


The cards are all touching and give so many extra insights! And it goes even further than that, you get insight into imprints, whether you have processed them, what you need to process/block or what you need to grow further. After this card reading there is another small card reading about your situation now, what your central theme is, what your inner and outer world is in this, what is helpful to grow and what you are growing towards when you are on your birth/soul path (or if there is a blockage, which one it is).


Understanding what is, what was and where to go is so enlightening and supportive on your path. Dear (Leaf), thank you so much for your time, commitment, help and sharing the wisdom of the cards. The fact that there are no blockages makes me know I am on the right path, and that I have already done a lot of good inner work.

On to my pure beautiful consciousness😃🥰😘

after receiving a Birth Imprints session

How would you rate our services?

Describe your experience:

I am very happy with the reading. It has given me confirmation and more insight. The beautiful cards allow me to better visualise the challenges present and work on them.


The pre-sent templates to write with are very nice in combination with the sent photos. The conversation was very pleasant.

Leaf was able to sense the situation very well. For me it was very nice that she could confirm that I am indeed suffering from a developmental trauma and what impact that has on my system. Really super! 

I didn't know the Osho cards, but they are very suitable for this subject. I gave them to myself immediately.

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