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'When Wise Women Whisper'

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'When Wise Women Whisper' is part of the Wise World Foundation, based in the Netherlands. The Wise World foundation has a mission to improve an overall psycho-social well-being in our world.

‘When Wise Women Whisper’ is designed to improve women's psycho-social well-being and position in our society.


'When Wise Women Whisper' 
provides support that leads to our feminine wisdom, that makes us find our vigor and enables us to THRIVE.

Knowledge from different kinds of sources is used: psychology, mindfulness, sociology, pathology, etc.

By passing on our strengths to our children, we ignite a fractal expansion of wisdom into this world.





Founder of the Wise World Foundation, creator of When Wise Women Whisper, with her own experience and background as inspiration.

When Wise Women Whisper

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