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Compassion: Ingredient of Transformation

Through the power of compassion, energy is released to enable transformation.

How would you feel if you immediately had a strategy to help someone? When someone tells you about their situation and you can immediately respond in a way that best helps them transform the situation?

By 'tolerating' the situation, we set an example for acceptance.

Imagine that someone you care about very much, like a good friend, comes to you and tells you about her situation at that moment. A situation that grips life, a situation that arouses feelings of anger, sadness, fear, powerlessness, etc.

As a highly sensitive person and empath you will soon sympathize and understand very well (with your heart) how devastating the situation is for this person. And you're going to want to do something, you're going to want to help turn this situation around. But how can you best start and how can you best do that?

When we feel sorry for our friend, we start to suffer with them. We go with her into the devastating depths, which paralyze not only our friend, but also ourself. You feel the powerlessness, the sadness, the fear, ... as an overwhelming wave of emotions that hurts and you suffer.

Has our friend been helped with someone who is going to suffer with them?

The answer is 'no'.

Imagine that your friend is walking around the room in a panic and you start walking around in a panic as well. You set yourself in the same situation.

Has our friend been helped with someone who is in the same situation?


When we have compassion for our friend, we are going to tolerate the situation as it is. That is, we accept that life is what it is for our friend at this moment. Does that mean that as an empath and highly sensitive person we don't feel what she feels? No not at all. Of course we feel what she feels, we have no other choice.

Has our friend been helped with someone who has compassion?

The answer is 'yes'.

A very important ingredient of transformation is compassion. Why is that?

Because we tolerate the situation, we set the example to accept what is. As long as our friend doesn't accept the situation as it is, she will continue to focus her energy on being "against". She will keep asking herself: Why is this happening to me now? What have I done wrong in life to deserve this? I don't want this, this shouldn't be the case.

Energetically she continues to push against the situation and the situation pushes back just as hard. As a result, she gets stuck in a situation where she doesn't want to be in, but can't get out.

Only when our friend accepts the situation she can focus her energy on transforming it. Only then can change take place. Only then is energy released to deal with the situation.

When our friend gets to this point of acceptance depends entirely on how strong she is. If we have a strong friend, she can endure a lot of pain. That is, it will take some time before she goes into acceptance. Things (situations) take as long as it takes, to get to ‘enough is enough’. And what is enough? We can't decide that for someone else.

But it will be the strength of our friend that will ensure that she also enters into the transformation after the acceptance. So don't give up and stay in compassion. With all the love in your heart: Keep believing in her. That is the best gift we can give our friend.



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