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Energy Transmission: The best (holiday) present ever!

I'm already going to apologize for the long blog post 😊 but I can't help myself, it's one of my favorite topics and too important not to explain properly.

In the first step of our Vigorously Balanced Program, I refer to an exercise to send love (energy) from one human being to another. In this blog, I want to elaborate on this exercise for two reasons.

  1. One reason is so that this exercise can be better understood and performed.

  2. A second reason is because the holiday season is coming. End-of-year festivities celebrated with friends and family. But what if there is strife in your family? What if you haven't spoken to someone you love in a long time? What if you have lost a loved one? How can you still give these people a holiday present and perhaps the best present there is?

The best way to fill yourself with energy is to pass it on to someone else.

Let's start with what Energy Transmission is:

Energy Transmission is the transfer of healing (healing) energy from the universe to the other person, using yourself (your love) as a channel.

This sounds very airy-fairy 😊 but it's not quite that.

A study at the Mid-American Heart Institute indicates that people can effectively practice intention healing. The research shows that no matter what method healers follow, as long as the patient's intention to heal remains intact. Appealing to Spider Woman or a grandmother was found to be as successful as appealing than to Jesus.

Healing is the release or removal of an obstacle or interference that has kept us separated from the perfection of the universe.

I hear you thinking, All well and good, but can I do that, I'm not a "healer" am I?

Well, healing is a natural ability. There is a lot of nonsense talked about something like a `training' to become a healer. It might be that someone desires or needs to be trained to be more compassionate toward others, but it is and always has been a natural ability.

Attention, sympathy and love for others with ciphering away one`s own desires will make every person a healer.

It is not even necessary that the other person believes in it, or even knows anything about it. Hence it lends itself so nicely to loved ones with whom you have little or no contact.

Your body's ability to heal is greater than anyone had permitted you to believe.

Cutting out one's own desires is a very important part of Energy Transmission. It is important to be aware of how you send energy. We send energy to the soul of the other person, expecting that that soul will receive the forces and cause those forces to work out in one's own body. But so not "to get better" or "heal" or "restore contact. Because then we begin to attach our own expectations to it.

This seems positive, but is it on a deeper level?

Maybe the other person has a certain illness to deal with a piece of karma, the laws of cause and effect. Maybe the other person needs to learn something from that illness. We then send the energy to the soul so that the soul uses its powers to cope with that piece of karma, that process of processing.

If you were to send a great deal of energy in its primal form to the other person and you could give the other person so much energy in a few minutes that he could handle life, that he could heal his own body, then more than likely that person would be sick again after a very short time afterwards. The same or a different disease. He does get better at that time, but has not learned to deal with the new form. It means that at all times we must direct the force in a neutral way, without our own expectations.

The only intention we have is that the other person will be inspired to deal with his or her life, his or her situation, in a way that is best for that person. For we cannot decide that for the someone else.

Now we come to the exercise itself 😊 It takes about 5-8 minutes in practice.

Imagine yourself as someone in your mind who wants to send you energy, loving energy. This could be someone with a mental problem, a physical problem or just someone you love.

You connect in your mind with the energy in the universe. As if a long energy cable connects the top of your head to the universe above you. In your mind you see and feel the energy flowing into your body from the top.

Then in your mind you imagine the other human being who wants to send you energy, in a standing position, with no specific facial features or other things. Just a kind of empty shell, an empty vessel that you are going to fill. You know who it is, that's the important thing.

Then you "speak" in your mind your intention that you send energy to the soul of the other person, with the intention that the person may be inspired to cope with his or her situation.

Assuming, that in the average person on earth, the soul is attached to the solar plexus (solar plexus chakra), you direct your energy like a kind of laser beam to the other person. From your solar plexus to the other person's. Without words, without thoughts of this or that should happen. Try as it were to envelop the other person in a cocoon of energy, love and wisdom, from which the other person can draw strength to find the right way in the larger plan.

When you have done that for a few moments, then you move to the next phase. For a short moment you focus all your energy on the feet, until you feel that you have created a whole cloud of energy at the base of the body. In yourself, too, you feel the energy rising at your feet. When you feel that the feet are saturated with energy, go a little higher, to the lower legs. Direct your attention there, let the energy flow to there, without compulsion, with absolute unboundedness and freedom. The other person may do with it what is good for the other person. Then go down the upper legs. Then to the pelvis.

The feeling in your own body will help you know when it is enough and you can move up a bit.

Saturate the pelvis, the base of life, where there is a very important nerve point, the basic root chakra. Then go a little higher, to the intestines, where in women as well as men the creative, the universal, the creative is located. Then go a little higher, to the middle part of the body.

As you go higher you will find that it is easier. Then go to the heart area, the lungs, up to the shoulder heads. Then bring your attention to the throat area, the neck, the double chin. Finally, when you begin to focus your attention and energy on the head, connect it with the thought that the energy you focus on the brain will work out into good thoughts and decisions.

When you have done this, detach yourself from the other person, for you have made a connection. Distance yourself by consciously taking a good breath yourself once or by placing your right hand on your navel and your left had on your head. You can "close" your solar plexus by going with your hands to the left side of your body, to the spleen, then down through the appendix back up.

So in this way you can send a very conscious, strong and powerful energy to the other person. In which you also fill yourself with energy. The best way to fill yourself with energy is to send it on to someone else.

Throw two strikes with one pitch 😊

You can also send this energy to deceased people. Then it is not to better cope with life on earth, but for example to be happy where they are, to have a good transition, to heal from any traumas they may have suffered, to let them know you love them, and the like.

Sorry for the long blog post 😊. I used to give workshops in this and consequently I go all over the place with joy when I talk about this topic 😊

Enjoy the holidays!



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