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3 big mistakes that counseling makes...

The 3 biggest mistakes counseling makes when you are getting divorced or separated from your narcissistic partner and you have children together.

Whether you're just getting divorced, or you've been separated from your narcissistic ex-partner (nex) for 10 years, when you have children together, sooner or later a justice assistant, social worker, or other support services will be involved. And what strikes me? That they all make these 3 thinking errors that cause a misconception with these families:

  1. A (high conflict) divorce is always between 2 adults who are both psychologically stable and emotionally mature.

  2. Any problem with (1 of) the children is due to a loyalty conflict resulting from the divorce.

  3. You are a parent who can't handle the situation and needs help, and they are the ones who know the situation and are going to tell you how to do it.

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