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In The Eye of the Storm

When life hits you like a storm...

We all have them: those moments when life tries to blow us away. A storm that beats down upon us. We see our whole live being destroyed, we lose all control, even over the smallest things in our lives, and we don't know where to start first. So where can we start?

To regain control over our lives, we will focus on our own center first, the middle of the storm, and then we will start with focusing on 1 thing only.

This week I got into a storm myself. Everything seems to be against me and no one even bothers to hear me or even consider my point of view. The world doesn't understand me and seems to speak a different language. And wrong conclusions are drawn because looking beyond the superficial is to much to ask.

For women who have come out of a narcissistic relationship and have experienced narcissistic abuse, this will seem very familiar. And because most people and agencies don't go beyond 'superficial', the narcissistic abuse can continue.

Also high-sensitive and empathic women can feel overwhelmed by life and have the experience of a hurricane destroying their lives.

But how can we start to take back control of our lives?

I'm using the image of a storm beating down on you. When we stand in the eye of the storm, we are no longer tossed around by it, which is an important first step on an emotional level. To take this first step, you bring your focus to your belly.

The exercise 'Swallow an Imaginary Pill' from STEP 6 of the 8-Step-Transformation can come in handy here! Want to know more about this? Click on the link below:

When we stand in the center of the hurricane, we see our whole life flying around us.

To regain control over our lives, we will focus on 1 aspect or 1 thing at a time. Of everything that flies around us in the storm, we will take 1 thing and focus our attention on that. Only that one thing we are going to bring back under our control. Little by little. We let the rest blow and we let go.

The great thing is that when we have that one thing under control again, the rest of the storm also subsides. Your problems won't suddenly disappear, but you will have control over your life again.



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